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For those of you who love details, like we do, here is how you do it!


  1. Tire and Wheel Cleaner Low Pressure – apply to tires and wheels. We use a penetrating cleaner that will work its way underneath the brake dust and grime, allowing the high pressure wash to blast it off your tires. This alkaline solvent with a wetting agent is biodegradable and will not harm or scratch your wheels and tires.

  2. Bug Cleaner (select locations)

  3. Pre-Soak Low Pressure – start from the bottom up and cover your entire vehicle.

  4. High Pressure Soap – we use 100% biodegradable soap, specially designed to dissolve road grime. To apply, hold the wand about 10” from the car’s surface and “paint” the surface of the car.

  5. Meet the Fantastic Bubble Brush – this amazing combination of a hog’s hair brush and the lubricity of the Lustra foaming chemical, create a “slip n’ slide” effect. The brush should actually “glide” across your car – scrubbing is not necessary. You want to let the hogs hair bristles loosen the dirt and road grime, and let the chemicals in the detergent dissolve and remove the dirt. Start with the lower surfaces of your car and work your way up.

  6. Rinse – start from the top and work your way down.

  7. Apply Clearcoat

  8. Rinse

  9. Spot-Free Rinse - this is the "secret sauce" of the spot-free car wash. You get 95% of your vehicle dry, without needing to use a towel. The water goes through a reverse osmosis process, neutralizing the electrons. In short, spot-free rinse eliminates water spotting.

  10. Air Shamee Dryer (available at Brentwood)