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The St. Louis Car Wash name may be a new one, but we know a thing or two about clean cars!  Many of our locations have been operating for several decades. But in 2012, these independent car washes merged under one roof, one owner.. (ok….it’s actually 7 roofs, but you get the idea). You may not recognize these locations as they have all been renovated and updated, to bring our customers a top-rate experience – from the wash itself to the available payment options. We provide an affordable way to keep your car looking great, while helping preserve and protect the environment.


Planning Your Visit


  • We never close. All of our locations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Come spend the holidays with St. Louis Car Wash!

  • Serve thy self. Our locations offer self-serve bays, so you can control how your vehicle gets washed. But not to worry – everything is clearly marked so that you have success at the brush.

  • Stay seated. For those who prefer to keep their hands dry, we offer Touchless Automatic Car Washes at three locations (Smizer Mill, Dougherty Ferry and Big Bend, and St. Charles Rock Road).

  • Paper or plastic? Our locations accept cash as well as credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover).

  • Pay as you go. You control your own experience – if you have a small car and/or you are a speed washer, you’ll be done in a matter of minutes for only a few dollars. If you like to take your time, relax and take your time.

  • Extras. Whether it’s air fresheners, microfiber towels or Armorall products you crave, we’ve got a well-stocked vending machine so that you go home happy.

  • Loud is good. In fact, our 3-motor vacuums are the best commercial ones available.




Our Services


​- Tire and Wheel Cleaner

- Presoak

- High Pressure Soap

- Bubble Brush

- Bug Remover (select locations)

- Clear Coat Conditioner

- High Pressure Rinse

- Spot Free Rinse

- Air Shammee Dryer (select locations)

- Vacuums