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We Care About the Environment

  •  Reduced Water Usage: We reduce water usage through our ability to clean a vehicle efficiently. On average, our customers use anywhere from 15-45 gallons of fresh water (per vehicle) as opposed to the 140-200 gallons that can be wasted during a parking lot or home driveway wash. We also reclaim a portion of the water used at our washes.

  • Sanitary Sewers vs. Storm Sewers.  Water used at St. Louis Car Wash is directed to the MSD sanitary sewer system. The soap, grime, oil and grit left over in our drainage system are then disposed of properly. When a vehicle is washed on a parking lot or driveway, the contaminents go directly into the grass or storm sewers polluting our nearby streams and creeks.

  • Bio-Degradable Wash Solutions: St. Loius Car Wash uses only water soluble, bio-degradable and earth friendly wash solutions.